Sunday, July 02, 2006


So here's a place where we will talk about books, but not all mysteries, about publishing and traveling like vagabonds from small town to city to wherever; about libraries and bookstores and friends and food, and whatever else moves us. Soon there will be tales to tell about a tour group of mystery authors to which I belong. It's called THE MINNESOTA CRIME WAVE.

But today, through the heat, we spent an enthralling two hours with Diane Arbus at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. This is said to be the largest collection of her photographs, many printed by her own hand, ever assembled. As A sometime photographer, I felt a strong connection, of course, but even without that, her photographs of ordinary people in ordinary acts of their lives reveal so much to us, not just about the subjects, but about us, the viewers. If you have the opportunity, see the show, here in Minneapolis or wherever it may go.

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