Thursday, February 26, 2009


The folks at the CTV Suburban operation who do such a great job producing our television series, MINNESOTA CRIME WAVE PRESENTS, have decided to schedule the series on our regional channel (6) on the third Thursday of every month at 6PM.
I'm very pleased. We now have access to almost five million people to talk about crime novels, the publishing industry, and authors.

We already have interviewed more than ten authors and we'll talk in the future to librarians, and bookstore owners, editors, publishers, and designers, among others. Our interests in the world of books is wide ranging and we intend to present ideas and information about the new technologies, emerging writers of merit, and many other topics, all in an engaging and fast-moving format of discussion, argument, and fun.

You can see the segments already produced by going to the links page at Any one who reads this blog with ideas for topics they'd like us to examine can email me here or via the crime wave web site.

With any luck at all, maybe one day we'll get a national channel!

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