Monday, March 23, 2009


Music In The Park continued its fine chamber series Sunday, March 23, with a concert by the Chiara String Quartet. The quartet, currently in residence in Lincoln Nebraska, is made up of Rebecca Fischer, Julie Yoon, Jonah Sirota and Gregory Beaver.

Juilliard trained, the quartet performed works by Mozart, Pierre Jalbert and Erich Korngold. Jalbert’s “Icefield Sonnets,” was inspired by the poetry of Andrew Hawley. He was present and read his work before each of the three performed sonnets.

Korngold, raised in the Viennese school just prior to the Second World War, escaped to Los Angeles where he became an important composer of film scores.

The quartet is known for playing chamber music in any chamber has performed in jazz clubs, bars, galleries, churches and other locations not known for offering chamber music concerts. A most interesting afternoon of small group music.
I just read an interesting piece from the Washington Post about what's really going on at AIG in the dastardly Financial Services division in particular. If true, it's ample evidence why we and the Congress ought to get off their backs. The article also demonstrates that several higher-level executives of AIG were either incompetent or paying no attention to what was happening in the company. It also shows that the current CEO needs some lessons in public diplomacy, what we commonly call Public Relations.

Personally, I think AIG ought to outsource fixing of its problems to a good CPA firm. I can recommend a couple, right here in Minnesota!

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