Wednesday, March 06, 2013


The Dutiful Daughter
By Shawn Graves and Don Canaan
A 2012 release from Amazon

A word of caution: there are apparently two version of this novella available. I received and read what is apparently the revision and cannot comment on the original. The story is a deftly constructed, very well handled story. It combines the persistence of an interesting Fresno cop, her supportive husband and a convoluted twisting trail that begins with a smiling confused old man abandoned at the Fresno fair.

Why does this happen? His daughter, Laura, appears to be a normal dutiful daughter. His history as a successful automotive dealer is positive and no one seems to have a bad word for him. So why is Laura now at the beach, alone?

Step by step more family history is revealed. I predict most readers will find it difficult if not impossible to stop reading until they reach the stunning conclusion. The story has considerable relevance to today’s aging American population and the rise of Alzheimers.

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