Friday, January 09, 2015


Festival of Crime
ISBN: 9781935666646
A 2014 release from
Twin Cities Sisters in Crime
Chapter and Nodin Press of Minneapolis.

Whoever said women were the weaker/nicer sex? Wrong. At least it’s not true of the women portrayed in this delightful collection of nineteen short stories. They are offered by writers/members of the Twin Cities Chapter of Sisters In Crime. Every story takes place at a celebration of some kind, from small town to big city, urban to rural, simple vengeance to sophisticated torture. Women of all ages parade through these pages, bent on asserting themselves in sometimes vengeful, sometimes random and often murderous ways.
As is usually the case with collections, there’s a degree of variation in the quality, but the efforts of Husom, Turk and Mallory, editors of the works are evident in the overall strength of the stories. Readers will smile, cringe, laugh and nod in sympathy, and I predict, talk about these stories with spouses and friends.The trade publication is available at all the usual outlets.

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