Friday, December 16, 2016


There's still time to get tickets and see Park Square Theater's stellar production of Joe Vass's homage to the talents of an American Klezmer. Ably Directed by Peter Moore, and staged by the theater's outstanding production department, it's a fun and instructive tale of George and Ira Gershwin's development and rise to fame as composer and lyricist in the famous productive years of tin pan alley. The jokes are good, the music varied and wonderful, and the pace precipitous.

Michael Paul Levin is an excellent narrator as the man himself, George Gershwin. Maud Hixson flaunts her vocal expertise as the blond chanteuse, with Maggie Burton capably filling the role of cantor and Geoffrey Jones dominated the stage as Griot.

Joseph Vas also brought to our appreciative ears an outstanding group of musicians in Klezmerica:
Nathan Norman on drums, Doug Haining-woodwinds, Adam Meckler-trumpet, Gary Schulte on violin and Chris Bates at the big string bass. Naturally the pianist's role was capably handled by Joseph Vass.

It's a terrific warm evening of musical theater and not to be missed, especially in our chill December.

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