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An Eye For Murder            
by Libby Fischer Hellmann
A Poisoned Pen Press release
 November, 2002

With roots in World War II, this finely constructed novel takes place in present-day Chicago. Commercial television producer Ellie Foreman is slowly drawn into an insidious plot of broad proportions which gradually threatens her family, her beliefs and finally, her very life. Hellmann demonstrates a complete grasp of the vital elements of suspenseful thriller writing. Her characters are believable and nearly always act in a believable manner.

Principal actor in this compelling drama, Ellie Foreman, struggles to get on with solving the very real problems of her life, an errant ex-husband, a teenaged daughter, a mortgage she can’t afford, and a career that requires enormous energy and attention and time to be successful. Yet step by step she is unwillingly enmeshed into an insidious plot and is forced to divert her energies to solving a mystery that surprisingly and logically involves her own father. Although there are occasional coincidences, the strength of Hellmann’s writing and fascination with the story carry us swiftly down the pages.

But Ellie Foreman is no superwoman and Hellmann portrays her with compassion, wit, and a keen eye for some of the ordinary details of the woman’s life, while at the same time we see missteps, anxiety, fear, and even a reawakening love interest. The author’s hand is less sure in the uses and portrayal of violence in the book, but that is largely a quibble. In a less significant work, such small lapses would go unremarked. “An Eye For Murder” is an eminently worthy first novel, an enjoyable experience, and I look forward to more from this author.

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