Tuesday, September 05, 2017


COLD TRUTH           
By Joel Goldman
A 2013 release from
Character Flaw Press

Kansas City attorney Lou Mason again goes where dark trouble stalks.

Lou Mason is a nosy criminal attorney with his solo practice in Kansas City. He doesn’t particularly like many of the cases that sidle through his front door, but he takes them anyway. In this, author Joel Goldman’s third crime novel, he takes a case to defend a mentally unstable young woman who, to say the least, has serious anger issues.
Did she murder her shrink by tossing her through an eighth-floor window of plate glass? Or is she protecting someone? If so who? As Mason quickly learns there are several choices. What’s more, it soon appears he may be the target of one or more killers himself. Is the plot against him part of the first case? Or is it something quite apart? Mason doesn’t know and neither do readers until well into the story.

This is a gutsy, strong story with wide appeal. The author, who can really write, knows his stuff and he knows how to construct a fast-paced, very enjoyable story populated with interesting and real characters. Not subtly nuanced, COLD TRUTH starts out with an eighth-story bang and careens along with nary a let-up until the very end. In the noir tradition, a finely crafted, enthralling mystery.

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