Thursday, July 20, 2006


So I was all set to spend the evening catching up on an old John Lescroat novel... dont know how I missed reading him, because he is so fluid... anyway, suddenly the phone rings, and it's Congressman Mark Kirk, (he represents the 10th district in Illinois, of which I'm a resident). Seems he is launching a town meeting by telephone. All I have to do is press the pound key and get in the queue for questions. Being the sophisticated high-tech maven that I am, I do. Well, it's been about an hour so far, and he hasnt called on me. (was it something I said? Or are my brain waves somehow getting through to his handlers and they know NOT to open up my phone line)...

Nevertheless, the entire experience has been fascinating. Particularly the questions. (Kirk's answers have been less than scintillating) Most of the questions are about our immigration policy, (probably not surprising in the lily-white northern suburbs of Chicago), but there have been several on Iraq (none supporting the administration), the prescription Medicare program, a balanced budget, and more. My question has to do with net neutrality and the fact that Kirk voted against it... which is seen as a capitulation to the big phone companies... but seeing as how he's using their resources to make this town meeting possible, I doubt I'm going to get much more than a pablum response. If I get the chance to ask it at all.

Sometimes I wish I werent so cynical about the political process. Is it because I used to live in Washington DC? Or because I was an activist forty years ago? Or is it just that I grew up ?
But there's only one politican who excites me these days.. who makes me think it's all possible all over again.. but he's very new, and very green.

Three guesses who I'm thinking about...


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