Thursday, November 02, 2017


Privileged today (Thurs. 11/2) to attend the Minnesota Orchestra concert in recognition of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation 500 years ago with Luther's 95 declarations nailed to the church in Wittenberg. The concert began with a series of J.S. Bach pieces that featured marvelous flute work by Adam Kuenzel. Then we moved on to Felix Mendelssohn's Symphony #5, the Reformation. Never have I heard this symphony performed with such wide dynamic range The subtle nuances called forth by the able baton of Osmo Vanska was wide-ranging and very moving. Finally, with the aid of the Minnesota Chorale enhanced by students of Saint Paul's Concordia University, the orchestra performed the difficult and very modern Sebastian Currier Reformation commission, titled Re-Formation. The piece is highly reflective of the state of our nation today; its polyphonic tonalities, multiple rhythmic shifts and fragmented use of Luther's hymns calling out the concerns we all have about life on this planet. All in all it was a relevant, moving and thrilling experience.