Sunday, June 18, 2023


 I'm not a big fan of hard Rock and Roll, so I don't follow it, don't listen to a lot of it, but I am certainly aware of the R&R segment of life. Recently on CBS"60 Minutes" I watched a thoughtful, careful feature on the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I learned a good deal about members backgrounds, interests, attitudes and their individual approaches to their music. They are one of the most successful bands and have been, across the world, for decades. They deserve to be known and evaluated. I found their stories fascinating and useful. I encourage readers of this blog to find the CBS piece or others and learn more about this talented, musically educated, highly world-successful band.

Wednesday, June 07, 2023




By John Baird Rogers

ISBN: 9798986244204

A 2023 release from

Gotuit Publishing

Even with the scientific and cultural advances we’ll experience in coming decades, the future, according to this author, will be far from calm and peaceful. Fortunately creative literary talent abounds in our future reading. In this third adventure with Louise (Weezy) Napolitani and Joe Mayfield, that jewel from the author’s mind, Olegarten rises ever higher. Here is a creation of a fine mind, a group of cyber experts loosely organized to help protect the United States against computer hackers who would destroy the nation. It is an organization with strict rules of engagement.

Weezy is a brilliant computer specialist who often thinks outside the box. Her companion and lover Joe Mayfield is a financial whiz, Together, they form an active protective duo against a complex foreign threat to the nation. It is not a task they look for but are thrown into the conflict by circumstance and proximity.

The thread of this well-written and carefully organized novel take Weezy and Joe up and down the East Coast and through the twisted halls of Washington. The story, from page one, moves apace and will often leave readers breathless. From the careful descriptions of action sites travelers would never visit, through the logic of complex communications system and computer uses, the story never flags. The plot thread never descends so deep into technology that readers will become confused, nor does it ever fray into loss of direction.

This is an excellent novel in every sense and will engage any reader who enjoys good thrillers and intense emotional roller-coaster rides. The autocar awaits.