Sunday, December 13, 2015


The Guise of Another
by Alan Eskins
ISBN: 9781633880764
A 2015 release from
Seventh Street Books

Dark, intense, at times, unbearably tense. Carries all the hallmarks of a first class thrilller. The novel is,in addition, a first class police procedural. Alexander Rupert is a talented, honored Minneapolis cop. He worked for a very long time doin dangerous work undercover as part of a major task force aimed at bringing down the Minnesota drug trade. Now he faces an appearance before a Grand Jury examining illegal activities of the drug task force.
But the novel begins with a traffic accident that kills one James Putnam who turns out not to be James Putnam. Identity theft? Yes, but with nasty twists that set up readers and characters as well for many well-placed surprises all couched in seamless, powerful prose.
All the characters receive appropriate development and all fit their roles to a T. The language of the third person narration as well as the dialogue is almost perfect. For fans of procedurals and of crime thrillers here is a novel truly not to be missed. And while the conclusion is really inevitable, the ride from beginning to end is not to be dismissed.