Thursday, April 07, 2022

Minnesota Orchestra Scores Big


We were fortunate today to spend several hours with a highly talented and trained group of musicians, members of the Minnesota Orchestra. Today’s concert which will be repeated Friday evening, April 8, consisted of a varied concert of music by we—known, talented composers, Shostakovich, Moussa, and Ravel.

The concert began with Shostakovich’ Concerto No 1 in A minor. Very popular, the piece featured solo violinist, Ning Feng. He was outstanding. The Concerto has an interesting political history, having been withheld from the public for many years, due to the heavy abuse experienced by the composer at the hands of an earlier Russian dictator, Joseph Stalin. Completed in 1948, the premiere was finally held in 1955. Hearing the brilliance, the versatility of the soloist and the almost random bouts of energy, one would reasonably expect similar if not even greater abuse from today’s autocrat Russian ruler. The orchestra, under the direction of guest Conductor Kevin John Edusel, demonstrated its talent, control and overall brilliance.

The concert continued with a fascinating Nocturne from Canadian composer Samy Moussa and concluded with two well-know compositions by Maurice Ravel, Suite 2 from Daphnis and Cloe and Bolero.

The orchestra performed excellently and we were almost able to forget the wearing of masks in the concert hall. It was a relaxing, uplifting successful concert.