Tuesday, December 19, 2023



The 2023 numbers are in, and they show exactly what the U.S. Treasury under Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen predicted: inflation has dropped significantly, unemployment is at a low 3.7%, the economy grew at an astonishing 4.9% in the last quarter, and the stock and financial markets are at or near all-time highs. 

The economic news is tangible proof that a government that serves the majority, rather than a wealthy few, works.

The above information is from a letter by Heather Cox Richardson

Monday, December 18, 2023


 I read at least two printed newspapers every day. Not every single word, but most all the news stories. One leans conservative, the other leans liberal, but both do what good newspapers do all over the nation; they try to keep editorializing to the Opinion pages. On-line and television news tends to be fast, ephemeral and not quite as carefully accurate. I know, television reporters try hard to be neutral. Many anchors, but not all, try to be balanced as well.

Today, in one of my printed newspapers is an excellent and comprehensive article by a New York Times reporter, Kate Zernike. She's writing about the way American voters are calling to case, legislators all over the nation regarding abortion care for women. Ever since Roe was destroyed by the Supremes,  people have begun to speak up and out more clearly. Women should be the decision-makers with their medical advisors, not their Congressfolk, as to how to take care of their bodies, specifically, how and when to abort a pregnancy. This is a good thing for America, in my not so humble male opinion.Elected representatives MUST learn to listen to the voices of their constituents. Find the piece by Kate Zernike. Regardless of your current position on abortion, you should read this article. Read. Listen. Learn.

More, corespondent sayeth not.