Friday, July 22, 2022

TRACES, an international mytery for my senior sleuths



Alan Lockem is a former Army Intelligence Officer. Now retired, he looks for ways to informally help people in difficulty. Marjorie Kane is a retired exotic dancer, once a headliner, who toured worldwide as Kandy Kane. She’s an experienced, self-trained psychologist, with high-level computer skills. She is attracted to the sharp, tall Lockem during an encounter at a golf club. Now Kane & Lockem, have joined forces as unlicensed investigators dedicated to helping ordinary folks in fraught circumstances.

A UK colleague requests Lockem acquire a computer disk or flash drive from an agent in Minneapolis. After two aborted tries, the agent is murdered in front of Lockem while Lockem’s house is burgled. Events entangle the couple with the discovery of a “dead” terrorist still very much alive.

Traces of past events collide with current espionage and danger to Marjorie and Alan. The couple is forced to engage local criminals and international forces before extracting themselves from danger and erasing the traces of another evil force from the world.


Published by Beavers Pond Books, Saint Paul 2020

Available from, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Once Upon A Crime bookstore.




One way to spend a morning of smiles, surprises virtuosity at the keyboard, and fine company, is with the Minnesota Orchestra. Today for lucky attendees, a Grand Piano Spectacular. And spectacular it was. Organized and hosted by ever ebullient Jon Kimura Packer, the 11 a.m. concert kicked off with a rousing overture from Mozart’s “Marriage of Figaro.”
The stage was well lit with a close packed group of nine-foot black Steinways and nothing else. Four of them. The four pianists are all well-known to regular attendees of Orchestra concerts, Scott Cuellar, William Eddins, Jon Kimura Packer, and Andrew Staupe.
This talent-packed quartet performed a variety of pieces from the classical and other libraries. Composers visited included Bach, Beethoven, Milhaud, Kevin Olsen and the energetic and varied concert ended with an excellent presentation of the very fine Rachmaninoff Suite No. 2.
Fast paced, at times, even a little rowdy, it was clear from the first note that the performers were enjoying themselves. They quickly conveyed that joy to the enthusiastic audience, with even a few jokes from host Packer.
It was exactly the kind of concert the time, the day, the weather, and the audience needed
. One hopes this Grand Piano Spectacular is a harbinger of good things to come.