Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Schubert Club of Saint Paul tonight (3/11) presented Valentina Lisitsa,
Ukranian-born Russian pianist in concert at the Ordway. She presented
a solo piano concert of Liszt, J.S. Bach and Beethoven. The stage consisted
of the single Steinway grand piano. Lisitsa, a tall blond wore a bright
red strapless floor-length layered gown that radiated color.  Her style is
aggressive. The Daily Telegraph reported her essential attribute is a fevered
urgency. She certainly attacks the keyboard, but because there was a large
video display of the keyboard, the audience was treated to mesmerizing
fingering technique. Her hands and fingers went from anvil strikes on the keys
to liquid subtle finger movements of nuanced sound. At times one could see
her finger movements as more like snakes writhing across the key, bringing
sounds we didn’t know existed.  It was a stunning presentation, enthusiastically
acknowledged by the nearly full house.