Friday, February 01, 2013


So, the other night we went downtown Saint Paul to the Park Square Theater where we have season tickets. There we saw Johnny Baseball, a musical, if you can believe it, about the Boston Red Sox and the wretched racist background of early 20th Century professional baseball.

It's good. especially if you are a big baseball fan.  I'm not, but the piece was nevertheless enjoyable, well-staged with some fine songs, good singers and a good orchestra. A little slow starting, the play picks up tension and emotion as it goes along and Act two is a definite winner.

I would have liked a little more baseball-park-organ music and at times the sound seemed too harsh and lacking warm base tones. Timotha Lane, Zach Curtis, Joshua James Campbell,and Kosono Mwanza were outstanding and the staging was clever and enhancing. A worthwhile evening.

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