Saturday, March 03, 2018


Tonight (3/3) we watched "The Darkest Hour," Britain and Winston Churchill's struggle in the early years of the Nazi invasion of Europe. Dunkirk was a difficult rescue of the British army and there were many who wanted to engage with Mussolini to plead for peace with Herr Hitler. Churchill, as portrayed by Gary Oldman, came unglued a few times but in the last analysis, as we all know, prevailed and Britain, wikth eventual assistance from America, crushed the Axis powers. The film is a stunning look at the machinations of the British government, a good story for those of us old enough to remember WWII. And, the film is an excellent lesson for those who are too young to remember that war. In addition to being a mesmerizing drama, well-acted by all involved, excellently and carefully produced with restraint and authenticity, the film has lesson for all of us today. I highly recommend the film THE DARKEST HOUR.

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