Tuesday, November 22, 2022

SINS OF EDOM My latest crime novel


When the beloved Pastor of a local church is murdered,

members of the congregation ask Marjorie Kane, retired

exotic dancer Kandy Kane, for help. She turns immediately

to her partner in puzzle-solving, retired army intelligence

officer, Alan Lockem. Together the pair of retired citizens

have formed a special bond that allows them to interact

adeptly with multiple agencies of law enforcement across

the world, and dip into sometime grungy elements of the

real world.

Art thieves, traces of Edomite copper mining, and a local biker

gang all add to the puzzle, along with envy, jealousy and

marital discord.

Using experience, keen observation and persistence, Lockem

and Kane are able to avoid being killed and identify the


SINS OF EDOM is available from Once Upon A Crime,

Amazon.com, and other fine bookstores

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