Tuesday, February 07, 2023



The Lost Dragon Murder   

By Michael Allan Mallory


A 2022 release from

Book Locker


A fascinating, enjoyable detective story. Author Mallory has captured the essence of good, persistent detective work that is often required to solve crimes. In this case, the crime is the murder of a professor of Asian Studies at a local college. Newly promoted detective Janet Lau catches the case and is soon joined by her uncle and mentor, Detective Henry Lau.

Soon enough readers will be enticed into the world of Kung fu, Midwestern police work and the shadowy world of antiquities, their location, possession and often questionable sales.

With careful balance between revelations that move the story forward and new clues that logically crop up throughout the narrative, the detective duo presents thoughtful and balanced use of all the tools available to the modern city detective. The atmosphere ranges from interviews with a satisfying range of characters to sudden spurts of physical danger and violence, to the sometimes-stultifying boredom of the stakeout.

Backgrounds of the two Lau detectives is nicely woven into the fabric of the narrative as they wade ever more deeply into a pool of odd and dangerous characters who act as welcome distortions. This novel is a good story with interesting characters, fine pace and great potential for further examination.

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