Sunday, December 11, 2022



American Resistance

By David Rothkopf

ISBN: 9781541700635

A 2022 release from

Public Affairs of Hatchette


David Rothkopf, author of this important book, has a varied and extensive background in foreign and domestic policy, writing and working. His qualifications are unquestionable. His reputation lends a needed and important level of credibility to this work.

Authentic feelings rise strongly from the get-go. That is in part because so much of the book is enclosed in quote marks. The author uses extensive quotes from his interviews of members of the Trump government. These people are not outsiders, they are within view of the top of the political ladder and many have been inside the daily workings of our government for years. They form a true “deep state.”

This is the story of a deep state dedicated to first working with President Donald Trump, as we expect of all government employees. But then, as readers will see, they gradually shifted to strenuous efforts to protect the nation from ill-advised and often ignorant decisions by an executive who frequently refused to be prepped or advised on important people and policy situations.

That was the true deep state, an ever-shifting group of talented and dedicated bureaucrats who came to see themselves, accurately, as preservers of and protectors of American Democracy. This is a careful, sometimes uncomfortable but valuable work every citizen interested in preservation of our Republic should read.

“American Resistance,” also should be required reading for every candidate for the office of President of the United States of America.

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