Friday, December 30, 2022


 Since my days in 1955 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, at KTCA-TV and onward, I have been a viewer and a supporter of what is now the PBS Newshour. I watched and encouraged local viewing when Robin McNeill and Jim Lehrer began the program many years ago. And I watched with interest and encouragement as Judy Woodruff, correspondent and occasional anchor became a regular and then permanently took the anchor desk. Her thoughtful, even-handed and careful journalism epitomized the approach and ethics of honest, even-handed journalism. You never saw her opinions. She brought on people like David Brooks who promoted their thoughtful attitudes about the issues of the time. Judy Woodruff promoted, embodied and practiced the highest form of journalism, the kind that’ taught in the fine schools of journalism around the nation. The PBS Newshour will go on and the program will continue to engage audiences, but we will all miss one of this nation’s finest most even-handed and talented journalist/anchors.

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