Thursday, December 08, 2022


 The current North Carolina elections case at SCOTUS is worrying. There's a movement to allow state legislatures almost total control over all elections in their states. That includes federal representatives and senators. It's a blatant attempt at a power grab. We can already see how absolute control of electors and final results can be controlled, regardless of how residents vote, because of corrupt design of voting districts. Gerrymandering.

One citizen, one vote is in serious peril if nothing is done. I believe there needs to be federal law controlling how voting is organized and controlled, at least for Congressional offices and for the President. Over the years, political parties and their leaders have conclusively demonstrated that power and control is more important than fair representation. A neutral election committee for each state under judicial rather than legislative control would help. Ranked Choice voting for all federal offices is another way more equitable representation could be achieved. 

We are in danger of losing our democracy to the power brokers if we do not place some basic barriers to illegal manipulation of voting results, into all the states.

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