Tuesday, December 06, 2022

 A few years ago I was visiting relatives in Sand Point, Idaho. On a  pleasant Saturday morning, I stood on the sidewalk of the main drag, waiting for my wife to finish shopping. Looking along the street at the crowds of shoppers and tourists, I noticed how many of the folks looked similar to me--they had developed white hair. There is a growing contingent of folks in or nation who are getting older! No big revelation but it lead me to consider writing a novel about an older detective couple.

Thus came retired Army Intelligence officer, Alan Lockem. He met and joined a former exotic dancer named Louise Kane, who's stage name became "Kandy." She headlined in revues around the world as Kandy Kane. She and Alan hookup to become puzzle solvers for people; people for whom the regular police and other law enforcement agencies are not sufficient. Thus came GRAND LAC, then TRACES and SINS OF EDOM, three crime novels in mty senior Sleuth series. More about the stories is available on my web site, www.carlbrookins,com. The books are available in libraries and good bookstores around the nation and of course at the best mystery and crime bookstore in the nation, "Once Upon a Crime. They'll ship you copies to almost anywhere.

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